On Lexis, you can find Forms under Content Type and then FORMS.  Then you can filter by state or by Practice Area.

On Westlaw, you can find Forms under Content Types and then FORMS.  Then you have the filter by Forms by State or Forms by Topic.

Both platforms are offering Forms from the materials available on their platforms which means, in all probability, the forms are from different resources.  So while you have both platforms available to you, search for specific forms on both Lexis Advance and Westlaw Edge and analyze the materials received.

Remember when you are searching for forms, do not use the terms “plaintiff” or “defendant” or other general terms.  Use terms that describe the issue at hand.  For example, use “substitution” and “death, ” if you are looking for a motion to substitute the executor of the estate for the deceased plaintiff in an action that the deceased plaintiff filed to recover a sum of money.